WIldliffe alarm for photographers
When the input switch changes its state a SMS is sent to to user

Power 6 or 12 V battery 10- 20mA if on continiously with 7Ah battery the operation time is one year
The case is water resistant IP65.
Includes a GSM modem,antenna, mircoprocessor, case, wires to external battery and to external micro switch .
The user must provide a SIM Card and take PIN code off.

contact Probyte www.probyte.fi


1 to 8 receivers can be remotely changed
1 input for reed relay. If the magenet is removed by a animal a SMS message is sent
To save the batteries the device is on once a minute about 50ms -> 15uA mean current.
12V AA battery pack lasts several years
To save battery the GSM is on only once a day and sends one status message per day.

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