Teching Alarm Numbers

Teaching the alarm numbers in the Probyte GSM relay

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Teach the alsrm number #0 to GSM phone. Other numebers 1-9 is done same way.
The phone must have phone recognation function like in Nokia 3310 and the user phonenumers must be set to phenes memory.

The example is done using Nokia 3310 menus. Other phone models may have different menus.

1 Power on to the GSM-relay, HF-cable connected to GSM phone.

2. Use for testing a jumper to alarm input or a shoting wire from ternimal 6 to 8 ( gnd).
Leave the jumper open.

3 Use teching command 820 for the alram 0 ( alarm 1 teaching is 821 etc. ).
The led in near alarm relay starts blinking fast.
The unit waits that you can set yur phone to right sound teching position.

4. Search a new phone number thom the list eg. "My number"

Menu/List/Phone Book/ Search/select/ Press Cancel/select Voice tags/Select/Add voice tag/Select/Ad voice tag/ press Start, then speak after tone/ Start

5. After Start, put the jumpper immediately on. The Gsm-relay gives a sound and saves it.

6. It you was too slow, you can try again, the GSMrelay gives sounds in 5 sec intervalls.
When the sound is recoginized, open humper

7. The unit is immeaditely ready for alrams. If you fidle with jumper the alarm starts.
Press a # button until the the unit gives a restet sound.

8 Without alarm you can silmulate each individual alarm phone number with command 84x
Eg. command 841 test alarm #1, but only this alarm, not all alarms.
You can check if the number is done right

9 Which alrms are in use?
Use command 832
All used ( short high note ) and not used ( long low note) alarms are given by sounds
Laite tulostaa äänellä kaikki käytössä olevat hälytykset peräjälkeen .
Ten sound are given in ten seconds

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