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This is two relay heating control to the cottage electrical heaters


This is four output heating control GSMRELAY for the cottage. As you can see the owner is proud of his installation


Webasto control for car heating


The gsmrelay model 2010 controls this cottage in Croatia island.
Mr. Zoran Šimunić has installed them 2010 February. Thank you for photos.


The place is near Tesla's bithplace Smiljan, Lika province., Croatia

There is a new (2006) Tesla museum at Smiljan

The museum was established on Teslas 150th birthday 2006.

If you do not know: Tesla was and still is the best inventor of all times.
Just think anything electrical, Tesla invented it around 1890-1900.
Robot, AC motors, AC generators, radio, remote control , instrumenation, microwaves, roentgen prototgrapy, high voltage power engineering, 50Hz power system, 60 Hz power system, gas discharge lamps, Niagara Falls generator station, audio amplifier ( 400 km/1983) before there was no radiotubes.

A large Tesla museum is in Belgrad

Below is one of Teslas invention a remote controlled robot submarine. It launches torpedos when it travels underwater on Teslas command. It was designed for US Navy for Spanish war (Cuba).
How many of you can design similar thing today after?

JTU lähetti asennuskuvia maaliskuussa 2011. Kiitos


For cold weather, the phone is put on heated place.
The phone and 1W PTC heater resistor is put on baking glove, which do not burn.


This unit monitors power phases L1,L2 and L3 using 230 aux relays.
If any of phases is missing , the alarm is sent.

Gsm-relay PG-30/ Nokia 3310 phone.
12V backup battery is not in the picture.
Heater control is done by a bigger relay.
Year 2011

Pekka OH3GDO

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