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GSM RELAY general information

The GSMRELAY is used over thirteen years in tens of countries for tens of different purposes.
The remote phone controls over local phone ( and GSMRELAY)

The basic command is simple: the relay 1 on command is 011 and off the command 010. It can given locally, remotely or added to telephone number with p (=pause) character.

1 The technical data

* The GSMRELAY works as a remote control with outputs (1-5) using GSM commands ( or Internet by Skype).
* The relays can be connected on or off. Immediately on and delayed on, and timed on and the timed off.
* The relays can be controlled by one second pulse or 1-9 sec pulse. The pulse can be on or off pulse
* The device works as an alarm device (0- 9 alarm receivers) .( A Nokia 3310 type phone or compatible model with speech recognition is needed).
* 1-4 remotel controlled thermostats.
* The device works as an alarm device without external sensors.
* The device works as remote controlled thermostat. One temperature sensor is provided.
* Other sensors can installed later.
* The digital inputs can be read remotely.

* A secret phone number, a secret password number, and a list of accepted user list is very safe.

* GSM connection works with any SIM card.
* GSM radio control uses a GSM phone (old or new models). The phone musta have an automatic answer and a hf-cable ( ear piece) .
* GSM-phone must purchased separately.
*There are many models of HF-connectors. Please be sure that hf-connection works with your model. A small round pin is the most common ( 4 rings). It suits for -phones which start with 3- or 2 numbers ( e.g. 3310) Nokia phones which start with . 5- or 6 has 7-pin square connector. New Nokia phones has 13-pin POP-port. When the HF is connencted the phone displays a small symbol ( or gives an error messages)

2 The possibility to use :

* The remote controlled heating and remote controlled GSM-lock.
*The heat control and door management of rented cottage for the owner
* Teh remote control and alarm for grain drier for the farmers.
* Pellet wood heater alarm
* The remote control of car heating ( Webasto/Eberspreacher/Volvo Artic) .
* A door lock opens door for the service man even you are not at home
* Put a note on door "Pipeman, ring 044444444, I will open the door" .
* A door lock for sailboat harbor to paid customers or club house.
* A garage door opening for the hotels.
* A remote message when the wild animal has went to gage.
* The opening remote radio station for radio amateurs.
* Low pressure alarm for water pumps in villages.
* An alarm low or high temperature. Meat or fish warehouses (EU-demand)

3 Technical data

* There are many GSMRELEY models. All the models has same hardware and same sowftware .
*For the car us the power supply is 12V or on request 24V ( trucks and road machines) .
* In domestic or industrial use 230/12V DC power plug is used.
* The connection GSM phone is done by HF-cable. The phone is easy to change.
* Webasto-usage is done by a 12V 0.5A relay (or 24 V) .
* In cottage usage 4 ( +2) relay can control 230V 10A (summed maximum) loads. The relays can control thermostat or heating contactor, the fifth nad sixth relay has drive only, not relays.
* For radio amateur remote antenna change can be done with six control.
* Power supply needs 6-10mA 12V plus the relay current.
* In remote control the is no charge on connection time, only the yearly operator charge. e.g. 5 euro/year Finland.
* In alarm operation there is no charge unlike with SMS messages. Use see "A cottages alarms". Hearing the reason and making a reset ( # character) takes 2 seconds. It is not very expensive.

4 The control principle and commands

* The phones are controller 50 years by DTMF commands. The GSM-relay works similary.
* The commands consists of 3-4 numbers and #. They are available also on ordinary and GSM phones.
* The numbers can be given automatically with phone numbers. A small p ( pause) character is needed between the commands and phone number. p-charcter is found pressing * three times. E.g. the cottage phone number is 040012345 and you want to control heat on automatically with relay 1.
* Make a new phone number "Cottage heat on" 040012345p011.
* The testing of the relays can be done locally without connection by pressing the numbers . 011= relay 1 on . Use high volume to keyboard sounds. Set the receiving volume to full sound and automation answer on ( works only if HF-wire is connected) . With Internet Skype control use automatic answer and connect the speaker connector to GSM relay input.
* 0-9 is starting number which means different functions. The next number means the rely which the command is aimed. (There is some special cases) . The next number(s) are parameters for the command. E.g. timed function starts with 2, the heating relay is #1 and time is 99 hours. the command is 2199.
* The commands which control the relays are saved to internal eeprom memory for power failure. The timed command are not saved.


* The relay on or off , type 0

o The command starts with 0, next number is relay ( 1-5) and next 1= on, 0= off.
o Relay1 on 011
o Relay1 off 010
o Relay2 on 021
o Relay2 off 020
o Relay3 on 031
o Relay3 off 030
o Relay4 on 041
o Relay4 off 040
o Relay5 on 051
o Relay5 off 050
o Relay6 on 061
o Relay5 off 060

o After power failure the relays remember the last state.

* The status of the relays, type 1
o The command is 1,1,1. The response is 6 sounds low or high note depending if the relay is on or off respectively.
* The timed command type 2
o One relay can be connected on, E.g. heater , for predefined time
o The time quality is minutes
o Relay 1 on for one minute 2101
o Relay 2 on for 99minute 2299
o The timed commands can be cancelled by simple off command . The relays 1 open 010
o If there is power failure, the timed commands do not continue
*The relay pulse command, type 3
o The pulse command switch the relay on or off for one second.
o The relay rele1 1 second pule on is 311
o Open the relays 1 for one second 310 ( relay may normally be on, power reset for PC)
o The relay return its previous state after the command.
o If the relay1 is on, 1-command (311) do nothing, but the 0-command opens the relay for one second.
* The delayed on and the delayed off command type is 4.
o This command is suitable for car heating after workday.
o 4185 means , type 4 command, relay 1 on after 8 hours for 50 minutes.
o 4353 means , type 4 command, relay 3 on after 5 hours for 30 minutes.
o The delayed command can be canceled by command 00 eg. 4100 for relay 1
* Password commands type 5
o The password .
o If the password is used there is different sound.
o The password is four numbers. If the four numbers are not right the error sound is given.
o The right password is ok-sound. The password is disabled after 10-minute of inactivity.
o The immediate password can be set by ## command.
o The default password is 0000
o The new password is given 500 and then two times.
o 50012341234 this command sets a new password 1234
o this can be given automatically with phone number e.g. 040123456p1234
o The most users need no password

5 The measuring principle

* Then normal GSM-relay normally has one temperature sensor LM335. It can used for measuring the temperature from the remote place. The temperature is given with sounds. With auxiliary device the temperature can be given with speach ( woman in in English or any other language).
* More temperature sensors can be connected afterwards
* The command for sensor 0 ( 0-4) is 600 , the second sensor command is 610 etc.
* The sensors can be remotely calibrated.
* The same sensors can be used with thermostat and alarms functions.

6. The thermostat functions

* There are four independent thermostats .
* The sensor 0 controls relay 1, the sensor 1 for the relay2, etc
* The thermostat function is taken in use with the command 9120. It means the the thermostat tries to keep the temperature of the sensor 0 at 20C using the relay 1. The command 9100 removes the thermostat function from the relay 1. The relay 1 is now a normally controlled relay.
* If alt thermostat must obey the sensor 0, all inputs of the sensor can connected together with only one sensor installed

7 . The alarm functions
* The alarm works when the input state changes ( open or close alarm relay)
* After power off there is 1 minute time to leave the building.
*Alarms can remotely connected on or off with one command
* The device works as the temperature alarm without external sensor
* The alarm is based on speech recognition in Nokia phones like ( even Nokia 3310 and Nokia3510 has this function) .
* Ten alarm receivers an be alarmed.
* All alarms is given one minute at time with 10 minute interval, 10 time total for used receivers .
* The alarm function is in every models even it in not used

8. The remote digital sensors

* Sometimes is interesting to know if the sailboat has water in pils, Do I forget to the back door open in remote cottage, is the stove on, has the animals went to my cage.
* Connecting digital input to GSM-relay it is possible to monitor six remote sensors. These sensors is not intended for normal user, but for experts which can read the schematics diagram of GSM relay.
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[14] Assembly information, problem solving, connection diagrams .

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