Gsm Alarm

How PROBYTE GSM alarm works ?

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There is ten possible phonenumers (receivers) for alarms.

See how the phonenumers are set teching alarm numbers

The alarm source can be :

1 Internal temperature alarm
2 Externel sensor alarms

1.The temperature sensor #0 inside the GSM relay is used for temperature alarm. It works in range -40.. +99 C, resolution is 1C . The sensor can remotely calibrated.

2 The external alarm is connected to terminal 6 ( alarm input and test pins) and 8 ( gnd).
The alarm starts when the input state changes ( sensor open or close).
There is a 60 second delay after power reset. This is for owner can go out without alarm. When he come is he can disable all the alarms or can just leave on there is no charge if you do not aswer.

If alarms are enabled and teached to the phone, all the recivers get phone call eg. "Cottage alarm" for 20 seconds at time. It the user opens the phone and press # button alarm is reset also to other users. If nobody restets the alarm, they get a new phone call every 10 minutes for 255 times.


Temperature alarms


The temperature alarm works with internal temperature sensor#0 in range -40 .. +99C
The alarm setting can be made for + and - temperature .

Command 86xxx is for setting the temperature alarm on or off

Command 86MTT ,
where :
M is 1= + (positive temperature), 0 = - (negative temperature)
TT = limit temperature
Command 86105. If the temperature goes lower than +5C, the alarm is given as in normal externals alarm
Command 86005. If the temperature goes lower than -5C e alarm is given as in normal externals alarm
Command 86000, remove the temperature alarm.

After the setting the limit temperature, the GSM-relay gives sound beeps like in normal remote termperature sounds.
The temperature alarm is reset setting an new value alarm valueeg. 86105. Zero command remove the temperature alarm 8600.

After the power reset, the old alarm is reset but old setting is in use.
The alarm must be closed opening the phone call and pressing # like with the normal external alarm. If receiver of alarms gives a reset (#button), it reset alarm to also to other receivers.

The temperature alarm settings are saved for power reset.
The alarms are set to enabled phonenumbers ( 0-9).
The enables phonenumbers are set by a 81x command ore disbled by a 80x command. x is receiver 0-9

All alarms off with one command

Give the command 850

All alarms ( external and temperature alarm) on with one command

Give the command 850

All alarms external alarms on with one command

Give the command 851

All the thermostat functions off with one command 852

All the thermostat functions on with one command 853

This command set themperature alarms to 20 C.
Indivual setings is explaided above .

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