Question 1

I want to be able to activate these command from a remote phone.
I tried to call my Nokia phone, but it doesn't pick up. When I enter a command from the remote phone, the phone is switched to voice mail.
It should auto answer I assume.
I also would like to remote set thermostat and get alarm if the temperature is not normal

Dick B.

Answer 1

Set automatic answer on, it works only when the HF-set is connected.
1 Put HF-cable to Nokia 3310 phone
2 Push Menu 6-1-6-1 OK

I think there is no Voice mail in Nokia 3310.
You must have some other model. It ok as long it has the speech recognition for phone numbers.
the thermostat command for 20C is 9120 and alarm command is 86115 for low +15C
8713C is for high 30C alarm.

The first alarm user (#0) must activated with 840 command. The phone is teach what phone number #0 means in phone directory by a command 820 .

this is explained in detail:
Alarm commands http://remotesmart.wikidot.com/local--files/gsm-relay/GSM2010alarms.pdf

Question 2

I want to limit access to my GSM relay. How I set that only I can make phone call to remote location?

Answer 2

With Nokia 3310 there is allowed numbers security menu in Settings
add new
Give pin 2 code ( normally 1234 or 4321).
the security code is given on operators SIM-card documents. (Who read the documents?)
If not these, ask from operator help desk. Do not try three times wrong. The your phone is locked and you need PUK2 code from operator.

Add new allowed phone number.
Because the phone can be locked, this method is not the first choice.
If restictions to users are done, the voice tag operation is prevented, the SIM-card is temporary locked.
Trying to modify phone list, you get ' SIM-card memory can't be changed' .

Other method is set password on in the GSM relay.
Set 502 commans
The default password is 0000
You can change this by command 50012341234 ( new password is 1234)

To remove password you can give 501 command,
If you don't remember the password, please put prosessor pins 27 and 28 together and start.
Or you can ask help trom the manudacturer.

The third method is to keep your phone number as a secret number. Ask from operator.

Pekka OH3GDO

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