Dc Dc Converter

Here are some of my original writings.

Here is DC/DC converter from 1976.
Current is about 200mA max.

It converts accuraltely +5V to +12V.

It uses only 555 IC and pair TIP30 and TIP31 transistors.

It triplicates the +5V voltage, but it has feedback to the controller and it keeps the +12V excatly 12V.

This was published in Elektroniikka Uutiset-paper 1976
Redrawn 2015.

Here is the original DC/DC-converter. Here is two stage output stage. This picture is from 1975.


Here is test device for earthed wall plug from 1975.

You need only to push the device to the plug.
If the neon lamp lits, the grounding is ok.
If the light is not lit, the grounding is not ok.

You need not expencive device or expencive professional to measure your home plugs.


Pekka OH3GDO

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